NEWS: “Green Screen” Coupon Code EXTENDED

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have some great news. The coupon code for Virtual Studio Simulator, that package of studio news-sets + Green Screen training has been extended 24 hours until Wednesday night at 11 PM CT!

You can still get the full set of 16 at the lower price.

Here’s the code:


Here’s the link to go to:

Virtual Studio Simulator also includes 32 music tracks, one of which IS a TV-NEWS type track, and some neat Green Screen tricks that are good for newbies to more seasoned “Green Screeners”.

For instance we even include  “Katarina’s Shrinking Trick”, which is so simple, a 10 year
old can do it (and she IS 10!)

Then there’s the Green Grass Trick which shows you  how you don’t even need a physical Green Screen to do the magic.. and of course.. Matt Houghton literally takes you on a ride as he turns into Superman before your eyes (and YOU can too!)

This product REALLY helps you to stand out from the rest of the video crowd, and increase your authority.


Matt and Todd take you through the basics on how to use green screen… and your brand new studio backgrounds.

Go now to this link, and get the most exciting new video product of 2015: Virtual Studio Simulator at this link:

and remember you have another 24 hours to use your “5offplatinum” coupon code!
See you next blog,

Matthew Kring


(Earlybird Coupon) Green Screen Training & STUDIO BACKGROUNDS

Good Day Everyone,

Virtual Studio Simulator is up and running!  Todd Gross and his team have been kind enough to give us some more information regarding this product.  Check out my YouTube Review Video and my review blog for more information.  Enjoy this blog!  Enjoy this e-book, just for reading my blog!

Standing out, and increasing your credibility and authority.  That’s what doing video the right way is all about… and placing yourself or someone else in a TV News Studio environment achieves both those goals.. BIGTIME!

But, getting those fancy “studio backgrounds” for Green Screen use usually costs and arm and a leg, however, today you can acquire them at a one-time LOW cost with all the Green Screen training to go along with it.


Use coupon code “5offplatinum” for $5 off the bigger pack of 16 studio backgrounds, 32 audios, and much more!  This offer is good until 12 AM EST (11 PM CT)!
More you ask?!  How about learning how to turn yourself into Superman or Superwoman using a simple Green Screen Trick? AND if  you think Green Screen is hard to do, 10 year old Katarina Nicely has donated a bonus module showing a trick she uses that well.. “Even a 10 year old can do!”

From placing yourself anywhere in the world, to flying around the screen like superman, or
borrowing authority by approximating a network-news set they’ve got you covered – and
that’s huge – because as you know, getting your visitors attention is what
video marketing is all about!

Come pick up your Green Screen TV-style studios, and offices – this is an awesome opportunity to stay ahead of the video curve for a change!


Matthew Kring