Just Hours Away

Ladies and Gentleman,

We are just hours away from the Matz iPhone 5/5S case being available on Amazon.com!  Later this evening, we will have this case ready for buyers.  Plus it’s Friday too!  Last day of the work week for some of you, as well as myself.

We will find out if the hard work, to get this case on the market, pays off.

Tomorrow is Friday, The Weekend is Your Reward

Hello alle! Tomorrow is Friday. I just recently came off 9 straight days of work, after being on a mini 4 day vacation. Tomorrow, my 9 hour shift will be over before you know it. Your work day will be over before you know it too. Hang in there! The weekend is your reward. I am just happy to be back blogging about Friday. Take it easy!


Have a Good Friday and Stay Tuned

It’s another Friday at the office. The Indian Summer continues (supposed to be 78 degrees today). May this day go by fast for you.

Not only am I going to work even harder to make a career out of social media, I am pursuing other work from home opportunities
too. They are out there; the question is, how much effort are you willing to put in? No income opportunity falls on your lap. You’re fooling yourself if you can make $10,000 a month with little work put into it. What I am going to do is share my insights on working from home, from the research I have done. Until then, goodbye!