Don’t Stop!

Don’t Stop!

Whatever your dream is, keep busting your butt, and someday you will achieve your goal.

Picture yourself as an established business. You built your client list. Social media is booming. Customer satisfaction is at its peak. Ask yourself…

Is there room for improvement?

ALWAYS! Whatever your job may be, there is room for improvement. There are always opportunities to add more clients. The place I work at now, has been in business since 1969, yet when I am helping customers with their payment and delivery setup, it is their first time buying something.

Keep building relationships, even if your established and profitable. The growth is infinite, no matter the economy.

Be Yourself and Don’t Lie

To succeed in any business, especially in the social media industry, you need to be upfront with your clients and customers. No need to hide any information. Why? These clients/customers are your future! They are the reason why we are able to pay bills, put food on the table, etc. Lying might solve the problem right away, but if you’re caught, good luck keeping that client!

Social media is extremely viral. Once you post something, millions of individuals see it immediately. So when a customer has a complaint about your company, it is seen by millions instantly. That is why many businesses hire freelancer social media managers and pay them on a regular basis. Think of a social media manager as a customer service representative, but instead of a phone call in order to solve a problem, it’s a Facebook post or tweet.

It takes several months to gain a customer but only takes seconds to lose one! Be upfront with your customers. You’re likely to keep their trust when you tell them the truth. Most importantly, be yourself. When dealing with customers, don’t turn into a salesman. Your personality got you where you are!

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