Wisconsin Valley Fair, 7/30/14

Let me tell you it’s been a while since I have written a food blog. I thought I’d start again with a special occasion. I went to the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau, Wisconsin. I’ve been going here for 20+ years, and it’s always a special experience. It’s worth the season pass or entry fee because of one signature item, the Cheese Curds at the Breakfast Optimists stand.

They seem to raise the price every year, but so what. Who cares? If they’re that damn good and hot in demand, then they can raise the price. Basic economics. I had 2 orders last night. They’re that special!

Go to the italian specialty stand, located in the wing by the VFW/Grandstand entrance. Try their food, please! They definitely know how to cook. I sampled their meatballs, cheesy bacon bites and cheese garlic bread. Definitely sample their meatballs and cheese bread; bacon bites, not as much. I’m so looking forward to going back there tomorrow. I even told the workers their food is amazing; I don’t do that too often.

After the curds and italian samples, it went kind of downhill. I peaked early, food wise. I had my usual cheesecake on a stick, which was awesome as usual. I sampled a piece of authentic German bratwurst, which I will be going there tomorrow. They no longer have the LT Barbeque Stand, which was very disappointing; I loved their pulled pork nachos! Beware of the subs at Inferno Subs. The sub bun was warm, but the rest of it was cold, not a good combination. The flavor was what I remember though.

If you don’t have a season pass, pay the $9 entry fee and get yourself some cheese curds at the Breakfast Optimists stand, not anywhere else. Go sample the italian stand as well as the authentic German Bratwurst stand. As a major food lover and critic, you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there! 8.5/10

Goin’ Downtown For Sum Eats

On Friday I decided to take a walk downtown with Bryan and Mom. We sampled food at three different restaurants; Casual Joe’s, Townies Grill and Polito’s Pizza. For this blog, I will discuss my food experience at Casual Joe’s.

For those of you who don’t watch the Food Network (for DirecTV is channel 231), Casual Joe’s won a Food Court Challenge a few months ago. The team they competed against, Carlie & Company, currently work for them; however, I found out from Brianna, that Carlie & Company is back in business with the purchase of their own Food Truck. Congrats Carlie and Brianna! Here’s to not giving up on one’s dreams!

Anyway, let’s get to the food review. Friday was the day that I was going to try Casual Joe’s famous Bacon Mac & Cheese, which they featured in their Food Court Wars experience. Bryan and Mom tried it before me (damn retail getting in the way of my food fun, lol), and they highly recommended it. I grew up eating a ton of mac and cheese, and to this day, it is one of my most favorite foods. I consider myself a mac and cheese food critic, so it was meant for me to try. I look for presentation, flavor, texture and the taste of the cheese. Casual Joe’s had everything I was looking for. Fresh ingredients, unique flavor (it tasted more of a white cheddar than a traditional cheddar), the right pasta was what Casual Joe’s had. We also ordered their cheese curds, which were fresh and prepared well. Although they ran out of ranch, we tried their cranberry barbeque sauce, which went very well with the cheese curds. The service was very satisfactory, and we didn’t have to wait long to get our food. A food experience like this will get me back into their restaurant. A-