Be Grateful for a 9-5 Job

Face it, if you’re working 9-5 Monday-Friday, you are described as having “banker’s hours”. You will sometimes get ridiculed by your friends and family for it, but is it because of jealously? Most likely it is. Here is why you should be grateful for a 9-5 job:

1. Having every weekend off. There are many business such as food and clothing who are open on the weekends. These places rely on the 9-5 workers to come in on the weekend and generate business. Many festivals and events happen on the weekend too.

2. More time with your loved ones. I have two family members myself who fit the banker’s hours role. Spending time with family and significant others is always a good reason for anything.

3. You have a set schedule. You are working for someone else, but at least you know when you’re going to be done for the day. Therefore, you can make plans easier.

There you have it. Stay tuned for more informative & entertaining material.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Meeting App

Good Day Planet Earth,

Let’s cut to the chase.  No one likes being unprepared for a meeting.  So why go through with it?  Technology is absolutely blowing up and is increasing by the minute.  We’re in the age where if you don’t have a cell phone or a tablet, you are a major dinosaur.  I was watching Family Feud just a few minutes ago, and it inspired me to create this blog.  Here we go…

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Meeting App

3.  So your boss doesn’t hassle you:  Isn’t this always a goal, regardless of what work topic?  If you arrive to your meeting organized and prepared, you give your boss a tremendous impression.  Your boss will have a hard time critiquing you.  If you have a meeting app, you are letting your boss know that you are all-in for adapting to technology.

2.  Stay organized and reduce stress:  Having all your meeting notes in one app is an effective organization strategy.  It keeps your desk nice and clean!  You know where to find the information.  Using scrap paper, or a notebook/notepad causes more stress; therefore, you forget stuff, and you may not give your boss the greatest impression.

1.  It’s 2014.  It’s the new day and age:  Meeting App in, Notebook out.  Pens and paper are a thing in the past.  This is how one organizes and prepares for a meeting now.  An app in general has so many features now, that we do not need notebooks/notepads anymore.  So when you go to the meeting podium, have your tablet as your guide from now on.

You are more pumped up than ever to get a meeting app.  The one I recommend is Meeting Assistant, or MA for short.  It is available for the iPad and soon for Android devices.  It was found in Finland but is making its way around the world.  You are only a 9.99 investment away from being the next meeting superstar!

Thanks for reading my blog, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Tomorrow is Friday, The Weekend is Your Reward

Hello alle! Tomorrow is Friday. I just recently came off 9 straight days of work, after being on a mini 4 day vacation. Tomorrow, my 9 hour shift will be over before you know it. Your work day will be over before you know it too. Hang in there! The weekend is your reward. I am just happy to be back blogging about Friday. Take it easy!


5 Reasons to Work From Home

Good Afternoon,

I am sharing with you 5 reasons why you should land a job and not have to leave the house.  These are not in particular order.

1.  You can fire your boss!  For those of you who have done the research, many opportunities to work from home say, “Fire Your Boss!”  Scam or not, it is true.  Isn’t the goal of one’s job is not to get hassled by your boss?  There are many work from home jobs that you don’t have to put up with a superior.

2.  The internet is more popular than ever.  Find the right website that will pay you for your work, rather than you having to pay!  Watch out for that.  Make sure the opportunity it is legit before you put your hard-earned money into something.

3.  No commute and no dress code!  Are you living in a multi-million populated city where it takes you an hour to get to work, and you’re only 15 miles away?  Put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and you’re ready to work from home.  Just put on only underwear if you want, like the guy in the Lending Tree commercial!

4.  You are your ticket to financial freedom!  All work from home opportunities, even the ones that claim you can make $10,000 a month in 5 seconds, require hard work.  Making money isn’t easy, but you can work from home.

5.  You have more time for friends, family and a social life.  Parents and super sociable individuals can benefit from working at their home.  I personally am a hermit who doesn’t want to spend the money to go out and socialize.  I feel if I can earn a substantial amount of money working from home, that can change.

Those are my thoughts.  Good luck to everyone who is looking for home employment!  I’m out!

Have a Good Friday and Stay Tuned

It’s another Friday at the office. The Indian Summer continues (supposed to be 78 degrees today). May this day go by fast for you.

Not only am I going to work even harder to make a career out of social media, I am pursuing other work from home opportunities
too. They are out there; the question is, how much effort are you willing to put in? No income opportunity falls on your lap. You’re fooling yourself if you can make $10,000 a month with little work put into it. What I am going to do is share my insights on working from home, from the research I have done. Until then, goodbye!

Back to Work

I love the movie, “Office Space”.  Top 5 in my book!  Why?  The movie is 14 years old!  Because I can 100 percent relate to it.

I truly believe I am the real life Peter Gibbons.  I go to work with a chip on my shoulder every day.  The number one goal at work is to not get hassled, not my words, Gibbons’ words.  You know it is time to find work that you are going to enjoy more, when you have a situation like I have.

Picture yourself on a beach, okay, too far-fetched.  Picture yourself in your own home, with a shirt and sweatpants, working and making bucks.  This is my dream, and this is my dream job!  Google “work from home”.  Websites claim you can make $15,000 in a month.  If it is this easy, why isn’t everybody doing it?  Because it’s not and takes a tremendous amount of dedication to do it.  I haven’t been fully dedicated to social media management lately, but I have been posting through Hootsuite as much as I can.

Start with small financial goals; make enough to pay for bills and food.  Back to work!  It’s time to pursue some social media jobs again, now that the weather is cooling down.  If you are in a similar situation like I have, it is never too late to make a change.  Whatever the case may be, find your passion that is going to make your life more enjoyable.  I’M OUT!

Words of Summer Wisdom

Enjoy the Summer, because it isn’t going to last…

which is why I am sitting outside on this gorgeous Tuesday Morning. I go to work in less than 90 minutes, but I had to take my I-Pad and my wireless keyboard so I can enjoy the moment.

Being outside really clears my thoughts too. Most of us don’t have glamorous jobs and don’t enjoy going to them; however, simply being alive to enjoy Summer is all I’m focusing on right now.

I’m done at 5, just a short shift today. Dinner plans are to grab a few subs for the family and eat them outside. I just can’t get enough of this weather!

Next time, you start to think about how your life is not picture perfect, gather your thoughts and get outside to enjoy the moment. Thank you!

FAIRy Greasy

Well hello bloggers!  Did everyone get through Monday?  To be honest, I was dreading this day like the plague.  Then I got some good news early in my shift, and it was all good.  It just takes one piece of good news to brighten our day.

This past weekend I attended the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin, and I have to say it was a terrific food experience.  Here is what I had to dine on:

Krispy Kreme Chocolate Covered Bacon Cheeseburger, Garlic Fries, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Parmesan Garlic Boneless Wings, Several Cream Puffs, Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots. 3-Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and Mac & Cheese Bites.  Sounds like a lot, huh?  Well most of these items I at least split with one other individual over a span of 2 visits.

On the Krispy Kreme Chocolate Covered Bacon Cheeseburger, my mom couldn’t understand how I could eat that shit. I responded with, “I wanted something unique to eat that I’ve never eaten before”.  It was actually pretty darn good, even with a few beers in me.

As far as a grade on the food, A for experience, A for atmosphere and a B for food.   Since the food plays a major role in my grading scale, I’ll give the State Fair a B+.  The Cream Puffs were the best thing I ate there, and the Buffalo Chicken Dip was the most surprising thing I ate because I never expected the fair to have it.  The worst thing I ate was the boneless garlic parmesan wings because they didn’t taste like garlic parmesan; I don’t know what kind of sauce was on the chicken.

Tomorrow, I will be discussing my experience at Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.


Good Morning and a Good Friday to you!

The weekend awaits us. For me, its fair season. My town of residence has their annual fair going on. Let the greasy food intake begin! I actually went today, twice. Our fair in Wausau is known for “Cheese Curds”. If you don’t know what a cheese curd is, it’s pretty much the best invention ever. Raw cheese curds dipped in batter and deep fried. What’s not to like about this? I had two orders of these “Cheese Curds” today. Corn dogs, beer, nachos, burgers, french fries, pizza are typical fair foods that you see everywhere. I am not going to rate this specific visit, but I’d give the Cheese Curds an A. Top notch!

I am going to the Wausau Fair again tonight after I get outta work, but I’m most excited about the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin, which I will be visiting on Saturday. This particular fair is most known for their Cream Puffs. West Allis is about a 3 hour drive from Wausau, so we plan on getting there around noon. I’m very pumped about this event, and I will be blogging about this on Sunday Night. Feeding Frenzy!