Wisconsin Valley Fair 2019


I made my annual trip to the fair in Wausau this year.  I went twice.  I saw Daughtry and Andy Grammer perform.  It was a successful trip.  I am going to break it down by day.

Thursday:  cheese curds from the Breakfast Optimists stand; loaded waffle chips with yellow queso, green onions, bacon pieces and sour cream; cheesecake on a stick (cherry dipped); mini donut holes.  I ate before the concert only.

I started off with the order of cheese curds; a tradition to start off with these for as long as I have been going to this fair – perfectly cooked with the perfect amount of breading.  The queso on the loaded waffle fries provided a nice kick to the taste buds; the ingredients were a great complement to the thin waffle chips.  The cherry dipped cheesecake was phenomenal as usual, and it is very difficult to make a mistake on this classic Wisconsin Valley Fair sweet treat!  The donut holes I had were a great substitute to the traditional deep fried mini donuts, and plus they came in a big plastic cup, which provided easier access to eat.  Close to perfection, but you got to have that special wow factor to get the best score.  The non traditional Matt Kring fair items (the loaded waffle chips and donut holes) were great but not quite that item that I will be talking about for months.  9.5/10

Friday:  authentic mexican tacos with shredded pollo (chicken), cilantro, chopped raw  onions and taco sauce (one was spicy, one was mild); grilled cheese sandwich (Bistro Melt it was called, which contained ham, swiss cheese and a special bistro sauce; served with parmesan garlic chips); TWO orders of cheese curds from the Breakfast Optimists stand; waffle bombs (deep fried waffles, strawberry sauce, powdered sugar and chocolate sauce); cheese fries; funnel cake with powdered sugar, caramel sauce and soft serve ice cream.  I ate before the concert and after.

I went full feed bag mode on Friday.  I was ready to give it my all.  The cheese curds taste a little different each order I get from the Breakfast Optimists, but they all taste amazing!  The tacos were awesome, and the ingredients were nice and fresh  The item, that will stick out to me will be the waffle bombs.  First time I’ve seen anything like this at the Wisconsin Valley Fair.  It was the best item I had during my stay at the fair.  If you have a passion for waffles, then you would agree with me.  I really liked the grilled cheese sandwich (especially the sauce); one of my favorite items to eat, and the parmesan garlic chips were a great item to tag along with the grilled cheese.  The funnel cake is a classic fair item, but it is a deal breaker with the ice cream, and I decided to try the caramel sauce; overall, just delightful.   Cheese fries are determined by how the french fry is cooked, and it was a major success.  I was in the zone, everything was full potential, and pair that up with the top notch waffle bombs, and you have a perfect score in my book!  10/10





Food Review – 9/16/17, Everest Area Optimist Cheese Curds

Hello there!

This week we are going a little local on this blog.  This will be my one last hurrah, Summer blog before we start heading in the fall.

This blog is all about Wisconsin Cheese Curds.  We have a local stand in the Wausau area called the “Everest Area Optimist Club” who serves cheese curds, brats, hamburgers and hot dogs about a half of dozen times a Summer.  They’re always parked at Ace Hardware in Weston, WI (Wausau suburb), across from Target.  I found out they were serving food on Friday and Saturday.  The heart was racing with excitement.

I made plans, on Saturday, to visit the Everest Area Optimist Club one last time before the cooler weather hits, and as I expected, I was not disappointed by any means.  That golden beer battered curd was melting in my mouth immediately, cooked to perfection.  This is the curd to get guys.  This is the curd of the Summer!  A great beer battered cheese curd cannot be too greasy, which means they were not cooked long enough, and you should not be able to crunch the curd like a potato chip; that means they were cooked too long.

I experienced the perfect cheese curd, and Wisconsin folks know what I am talking about.  The only thing I am going to gripe about is, they could have been hotter, temperature wise.  They were definitely under a hot light, but they were still perfectly cooked.  9/10


Wisconsin State Fair, 8/2/2014

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin.  I had three goals when attending the fair:  try the Mac & Cheese Bacon Burger Quesadilla (brand new item this year), have a couple of cream puffs and have two beers.  I achieved every goal, except I fell one beer short.

The quesadilla was at a place called “Mexican Grill”.  It had Mexican-seasoned ground beef, mac & cheese and bacon, all cut into four traditional quesadilla triangles.  It was super delicious.  The cream puffs were as outstanding as I thought they would be.

Here is the rest of what I had.  Drinks wise, I had a pint of Prairie Farms chocolate milk, a 20 ounce bottle of Coke Classic and a large cup of Miller Lite from the tap.  Other than listed before, I had a couple of bites of a three cheese (swiss/american/cheddar) grilled cheese sandwich from a specialty grilled cheese stand.  I had a repeat dish from last year; buffalo chicken dip from the Blue Moon Tavern stand; just as good as I remember.  The big miss of the day, was an order of Barbecue Pulled Pork Nachos from Saz’s.  The restaurant just doesn’t do that much for me, average at best.  Plus they charged $3.50 for a 20 oz bottle of water: I should have paid 2 bucks more to get a beer.  I wish I would have just fought the temptation of the BBQ Nachos, but oh well.

Overall, I think it’s well worth the $10 entry fee.  There are so many damn places to eat. The State Fair is a place where you absolutely cannot worry about your diet.  Feeding frenzy!  The weather was absolutely perfect.  A great scenic environment, where you can just be yourself, hang out with friends/family, and have the time of your life.  8/10

Wisconsin Valley Fair, 8/1/14

I made my return last night at the historic Wausau Fair. I kept it simple. I know what I wanted. I got my cheese curds at the Breakfast Optimists stand. I got my italian food; tried their grilled cheese sandwich with marinara, and it was absolutely scrumptious. I had a tasty cannoli there too. I ended the evening with a cheddar wurst corn dog, which was good, but after the curds and italian food, it was more of a filler. It’s like having a slice of Angelo’s Pizza and then having a slice of Pizza Hut; going from excellent to good.

Overall, I am satisfied with last night’s food experience. Now onto the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis. See you tomorrow! 9/10

Wisconsin Valley Fair, 7/30/14

Let me tell you it’s been a while since I have written a food blog. I thought I’d start again with a special occasion. I went to the Wisconsin Valley Fair in Wausau, Wisconsin. I’ve been going here for 20+ years, and it’s always a special experience. It’s worth the season pass or entry fee because of one signature item, the Cheese Curds at the Breakfast Optimists stand.

They seem to raise the price every year, but so what. Who cares? If they’re that damn good and hot in demand, then they can raise the price. Basic economics. I had 2 orders last night. They’re that special!

Go to the italian specialty stand, located in the wing by the VFW/Grandstand entrance. Try their food, please! They definitely know how to cook. I sampled their meatballs, cheesy bacon bites and cheese garlic bread. Definitely sample their meatballs and cheese bread; bacon bites, not as much. I’m so looking forward to going back there tomorrow. I even told the workers their food is amazing; I don’t do that too often.

After the curds and italian samples, it went kind of downhill. I peaked early, food wise. I had my usual cheesecake on a stick, which was awesome as usual. I sampled a piece of authentic German bratwurst, which I will be going there tomorrow. They no longer have the LT Barbeque Stand, which was very disappointing; I loved their pulled pork nachos! Beware of the subs at Inferno Subs. The sub bun was warm, but the rest of it was cold, not a good combination. The flavor was what I remember though.

If you don’t have a season pass, pay the $9 entry fee and get yourself some cheese curds at the Breakfast Optimists stand, not anywhere else. Go sample the italian stand as well as the authentic German Bratwurst stand. As a major food lover and critic, you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there! 8.5/10