You Can Count on Me

Profile of Matt Kring

Social Media Manager

With over 13 years’ experience in the retail industry and 7 in social media, I can offer a wealth of knowledge in creating your social media accounts.  I deliver quality work on time and on budget, ensuring your projects remain on schedule.  I am a motivated self-starter, but can also work comfortably in a team environment.

Skills and Expertise

Facebook                  Pinterest                    Word Press               Blogging

Twitter                       Google+                     Microsoft Excel          E-Commerce

Linkedin                     Youtube                     Microsoft Word

Experience and Qualifications

After gaining my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued my career at Dunham’s Sports, where I played a key role in working towards a profit.  I then gained new management, customer service and sales skills as a manager, responsible for delivering solutions to major clients throughout the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin.

As a result of the management position, I was able to launch my social media skills, starting in 2006.  I am now an avid social media user and realize how important it is for business marketing.  My expertise in customer service, sales and management has an extreme advantage over other competitors.  I can offer a breadth of skills combined with a depth of technical expertise.  Recent projects include:

  • In 2009, I turned one of the least profitable Dunham’s Sports Franchises into the top 10 most profitable, and I maintained that reputation for 4 consecutive years.
  • In 2012, the Marshfield, Wisconsin Dunham’s was recognized for one of the top 14 most profitable stores during the Christmas season.
  • Developing social media accounts for friends, family and work colleagues.
  • In 2011, I successfully launched and managed my own website and e-bay store.

Contact Information

To find out how I can help you create and manage your social media accounts, get in touch for more information:

Name:  Matt Kring

Tel:  920-471-9405


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