Eat the Way You Want to Eat

Hi Folks,

I’m changing it up here.  I am not posting a review, and I am not critiquing anything.

I began to pay attention about my weight since 2002, when being overweight was making me unhappy.  I’ve focused on one goal since then, calories.

As long as I stick with a caloric budget most of the week, then I’m fine.  I’ve tried Atkins, and I succeeded.  I tried South Beach for a little bit, and I succeeded.  But I love that 1-2 days a week feeling, when I am on the see-food diet.  I love bad food, who doesn’t?  If I cut bad food completely out of my diet, then it’s back to unhappiness.

Today, it is National Cheeseburger Day.  But, I managed to get a great workout in, and I stayed within my caloric budget.

So my message is, whatever diet you are trying to accomplish, eat the way you want to eat.  If it’s fruits/veggies, vegan, low carb, low caloric, enjoy it, and be happy.