Virtual Studio Simulator (Video Flux) Review and Bonus Gift

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If you’re looking for more information on video plug-ins for WordPress (WP), then keep reading this blog…

The product I am reviewing in this blog is a never done before video plug-in that creates stunning video pages and posts and pulls in the viewer, hands down!  The next video page builder is here!  It’s called Virtual Studio Simulator (or Video Flux), and it is associated with WP.  It is available as a pre-launch right now, but it will be available to the public, Thursday June 11, 2015 at 11 am EST.  Mark your calendars.

A brief overview of Video Flux for WP:

It provides a one of a kind video plug in that creates stunning video pages from scratch or video “sections” on existing pages or even posts with all the design and CTA options you need to convert viewers into buyers.  “Video Flux” is the FIRST sophisticated Page Builder focused on the center of attention: VIDEO!  I know.  That is why I started creating review videos through YouTube.  Videos are what’s happening, right now.

The main question is, what is Video Flux?  I’m going to tell you:

These days the first thing most website visitors do is “look for any video on the page…”. Video is what grabs website visitors’ FULL dedicated attention, and Video Flux turns them into buyers and leads. It doesn’t stop there though…

Apart from creating stunning pro looking pages (opt-in pages, sales pages, review pages, etc.) you can use Video Flux for posts as well.  With Video Flux you can even add attention grabbing, super converting video “sections” to ANY existing WP page or post! Unlike ANY other page builder for WP currently on the market, with which you MUST start creating pages from scratch and posts are completely out of the question.  Perfect for ALL marketers who use their blogs to promote products or build lists, so they can keep using and intensify their current posts and pages.

This brand new advanced plugin can be used with every WP theme and ALL page builders, except for Profit Builder. You’ll find every imaginable design option you would expect from a high quality page builder, TONS of “In Video” CTA options (or out) to pull your viewers in and lots of easily customizable templates for posts and/or pages to choose from. You can even put buy buttons inside any video!

Here’s a quick overview of what Video Flux will do for you and your customers:

Build Stunning, Engaging, Pro looking video pages and posts from scratch, or candy up existing pages and posts with an eye catching center of attention.  Create as many Video Flux sections in posts or pages as you want!

  • All the imaginable design and animation options you can think of with just a few clicks… Headlines, sub-headlines, text, images, bullets, multi columns, video and motion backgrounds, video sliders, image backgrounds (with effects), color gradients, fade-in and slide-in (left, right, bottom, top), etc.
  • Use our 20+ easily customizable templates and save your OWN designs as templates for later use.
  • All the possible CTA options for EVERY video…where ever you put it, like opt-in, 2-step opt-in, pop ups, buy buttons, redirects and MORE… All “In-Video” layers! Even required or delayed CTA to watch a video, finish watching a video or watch the NEXT video.
  • Faster than (but works with) most other page builders out there and is compatible with EVERY WP theme you may already be using.
  • Can be used with ANY Youtube or Vimeo video and even your own MP4 or MPEG videos.
  • And LOADS more to literally PULL IN the viewer !

Here’s my intake.  If you can simply browse the web, then you will have no problem operating Video Flux for WP.  It’s a complete 100% steal!  You’re going to feel like you are robbing them, big time!  If you’re a heavy blogger, and blogging is your main stream of income, you have to get this.  You’re not going to find video plug-in software anywhere else online.  Todd Gross, Matthew Houghton and their team have done a tremendous job as usual to put together a high quality product.  I sure hope I get another opportunity to review another one of their products, because they are that damn good.

Video Flux will give you excellent 5 Star Support!  Although we’re 100% confident that WP Video Flux is very natural, needs no explanation and won’t cause any technical issues, they make sure your customers get the ABSOLUTE BEST support.

So what did we learn today?  A lot, right?  This is just the beginning.  If you are convinced that this product is right for you, click here to get started.  Very inexpensive product!  If you haven’t already, go to my YouTube Channel and subscribe.  Feel free to subscribe to my blog.  All my review videos are on my YouTube Channel.  Just for reading this blog, I am giving you an e-book, at no cost to you.  It’s called Simple Sales Systems, and it shows you how to cash in on payout services such as PayPal and Clickbank.  Thank you for reading.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reply to either this blog or my Virtual Studio Simulator/Video Flux YouTube Review Video.  My name is Matthew Kring, and I will talk to you soon!


Virtual Studio Simulator

Virtual Studio Simulator Review

Virtual Studio Simulator Reviews

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