Deadline – 12 Hours To Get Zapable (Open This Now!)


If you are still looking for information on app-building software, you must read this latest blog of mine.

You have 12 hours left to get your hands on Zapable…


In the next 12 hours the price is going to double to triple.

We’ve also answered some of most common questions answered below:

Q1:  Does the limit of 50 new apps mean 50 new apps per month?

Yes, 50 new per month so you get 600 per year.  If you export the app as both android or IOS, that is only counted once.

Q2:  Can we give clients a white label ‘push button notification area’ so they can send messages themselves?

Absolutely yes.  You give your client their own unique link and password. You could charge them a monthly fee for this and disable if they stop paying. You set the pricing.

Q3:  Are there any extra fees for submitting apps to app stores?

These are the fees payable directly by the stores.  Nothing to do with Zapable.  For Google play its $25 for as many Android apps as you want; lifetime fee.  Apple is $99 again for as many apps as you want; yearly fee.  Android has 76.6% of market share so you can start with it if you dont wish to use IOS.

Q4: Will the Zapable team support us after purchase?

These guys have developed Zapable for two years. They have 3 full time help desk staff and multiple developers. They are here for the long haul. With access to the Zapable membership you get:

– Forum Access – Over 2500 active members and 1423 posts made in the opening six days

– Access to the Zapable Academy with over 50 training videos

– Support Desk

– Weekly and Bi-Weekly Training webinars and weekly Google hangouts

Over 2500 people are now Zapable Members and the amazing reviews are
coming in daily…


– One client is about to secure a $20,000 contract for building 20 apps for a “big bar restaurant chain”

– Another one has sold 2 apps for $1000

– Another and secured a contract for building apps for his local sheriff department.

…And tons more all being shared in the forum.

Heard enough and want to join?  Get in before the deadline in 12 hours

Matthew Kring

PS:  What is the discount on offer?

If you join now its $39 a month or $297/ year.  However after the deadline it’s $97 a month or $997 year for the Master Zap membership.

**As long as you keep your membership in good standing and don’t cancel you will only pay the LOWER rates for LIFE!  So it makes sense to get in now and save big.**


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