Zapable Review – The Elite in App-Building Software, To Be Available 3/31/15

Hello Everyone!

My name is Matthew Kring.  If you’re reading this blog, it means you’re certainly looking for more information on Zapable.  If you can answer yes, you must keep reading.

I am here to give a review on the app-builder software called Zapable.  Created by Chris and Andrew Fox, Zapable promises to be a major hit of 2015.  The Fox Brothers have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and extremely long hours, over the past two years, to create and perfect Zapable.  They could have launched Zapable last year, but they didn’t, because they felt it needed to be built to perfection.  Launch date is March 31st, 2015 at 12 PM ET.

Let me tell you guys, I have watched several demonstration videos, and Zapable is the real deal.  When they say it’s app-building on steroids, they 100% can back it up!  I can tell Chris and Andrew have put in the huge investment.  One of the greatest qualities to Zapable is the super easy ability to create and manage your apps.  An entry-level app builder, like me, would have no problem learning Zapable at all.  You are in control of the product, not the other way around.  Zapable will put app-building to the top, and that’s a fact.

So far I have given you a brief Zapable Review.  Let’s continue the review, by giving you a few examples on how powerful Zapable can be:

Picture yourself in real-time:

You have Zapable open on your computer and on your smartphone, at the same time. There’s a section in Zapable that will allow you to store videos, called “Video Gallery”. Let’s say you want to add a YouTube video to your video gallery.  From your computer, you add a YouTube video.  Now go to your Zapable smartphone app, and VOILA, your recently added video appears in your app, in REAL TIME!  You can play the video, on your phone, immediately after you added the video on your computer.  Very neat and fascinating, isn’t it?

Second, again, with Zapable open on your computer and on your smartphone, you are looking to add a movie to your Catalog.  Go ahead; add one on your computer.  Watch it shortly appear on your smartphone Catalog, in REAL TIME.

Third, this example is the most mind-blowing and will play a big role in Zapable’s success.  Again, you have Zapable open on your computer and your smartphone, at the same time.  For those who are watching this Zapable Review Video, you are probably familiar with “push notifications”.  Let’s say I am an owner of an online sporting goods store, and I want to inform you that I am offering a 20% discount store wide.  I can create a message, maximum 50 characters, offering the discount.  I have the ability to send the push notification to just Apple users, Android users, both users, Apple users in a specific location, Android users in a specific location and much more.  So once I decide who to send the push notification to, the targeted audience will receive the message within seconds.  Boys and girls, this is what Andrew and Chris mean when they say it is app-building on steroids!  I am talking about a major game-changer.  I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

So that’s my Zapable Review.  I appreciate you so much for watching this video, that I will give you an e-book on how to build faster income using top payout sources such as ClickBank and PayPal, at no cost to you.  Get your e-book, right here!  Just confirm your subscription to my mailing list, and I will personally send you the e-book!

If app-building is your ticket to financial freedom, you need to go to my link, get yourself on the early bird list to receive discounted pricing on Zapable.  Once you click the link, you will be guided to a page where you can get special early bird pricing.  Click the red box on the right side of the page, where it says “Join The Early Birds Now”.  Enter your e-mail address to get on the list for special early bird pricing.  Then go to your e-mail, and confirm the subscription to the early bird pricing.  This is serious folks, and if you’re serious, act now.

Last but not least, make sure you mark your calendar for Tuesday March 31st at 12 PM EST, in order to make sure you get the best possible deal for Zapable.

That’s a wrap!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  I can help.  Have a good one guys, and I will talk to you soon!

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