Labor Day Weekend Review Part 2

Sunday morning, we got off to a great start, food wise and went to Glazed and Infused and again had a variety of doughnuts.  Then we got a cab to go to the heart of downtown Chicago.  We settled on a snack at a local concession stand; cheese fries and nachos.  This was simply a filler so my grade won’t be an A for these two days.

Sunday afternoon we grilled at Brett’s place.  Brett bought some Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst at the local Publican Meat Company, just a few blocks from his house.  So we had those, along with a variety of deli salads.  This was the most enjoyable meal we had during these two days.  Nothing lacked flavor at all.

Thunderstorms were nearby, but we took the risk and had one last snack/meal for Sunday evening, a bar just a few blocks from Brett’s called “The Aberdeen Tap”.  We ordered 2 servings of their homemade macaroni and cheese bites, along with an order of hush puppies.  I could tell the mac and cheese was fresh, but the breading is what made the bites.  Crispy and flavorful!  The hush puppies were a little dry and needed some ranch; otherwise, good.  Top notch overall.

The last day of the trip, Labor Day, we went downtown and ate at Chick-Fil-A.  I had a spicy chicken sandwich with fries and cheese sauce.  I also had an amazing Vanilla Shake.  If I’m leaving Chicago today, I’m going out in style with a 2000+ calorie meal! Then I capped it off with a 5-piece buffalo chicken tenders from Burger King along with a double cheeseburger.

I give the Sunday and Monday food a B.  The concession food, the hush puppies and Burger King, played a factor in the grade, but the cookout and the mac and cheese bites were the highlight of Sunday/Monday.

It was sad to leave the beautiful city of Chicago.  Calorie wise, I don’t miss it, but sometimes you just have to say WTF and enjoy your life!


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