Keeping it Local – Mitch’s Texas Tacos Review, Wausau, WI

I enjoy eating with my family, I really do, because they share the same passion about food as I do. We make a good effort to exercise and lose a few pounds here and there, but we know we have to give up a little of that food passion if we want to be physically fit. It’s not going to happen. Good food is a part of our lives. It keeps our motor running.

Today I want to share my latest food experience. About a couple of weeks ago, my mom and my brother discovered a local taco truck just about a mile from my mom’s house called “Mitch’s Texas Tacos”. Mitch, the owner of the food truck, is from Texas but has lived in Wisconsin for a while. His passion for making tacos gave him the drive to open up his own taco truck. So my family goes there and are very impressed with the tacos. Great ingredients, fresh meat, and at a very reasonable price!

On Monday, I tried it for the first time. The fam was a little worried that they overhyped them too much. In my opinion, they didn’t hype them enough. A couple of bites into my steak taco, I asked myself, “Why do I continue to go to Taco Bell?” The flavor was amazing. They did not skimp on the quantity of the ingredients. For under $7, I got a chicken soft taco, steak soft taco, a serving of tortilla chips, a cup of salsa, and a soda. I told Mitch that he has a wonderful product and that I will be back.

Wausau residents: you have to try these. You might ask yourself why are you going to Taco Bell?
Mitch’s Texas Tacos is located in the Trig’s Grocery Store Parking lot in Wausau, WI.

I give the experience an A+ for uniqueness, customer service and top-notch atmosphere.


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