Toppers Pizza, Angelo’s Pizza in Wausau

My latest food experience is Topper’s Pizza in Wausau, WI. To be honest, I remember this pizza being a lot tastier. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t have the “wow factor”. We ordered one of their house pizzas, the buffalo chicken. It had mini chicken bites covered in buffalo, with mozzarella cheese, more buffalo sauce, onions and ranch. We also ordered a medium pepperoni pizza; nothing to rave about. Their signature side item is their “Topperstix”, which were pretty damn tasty. We ordered the bacon version and dipped them in garlic butter sauce. Overall, a satisfying belly filler meal. B-

Now to discuss the best tasting pizza in my town, “Angelo’s”. This was our last meal we had together, when my oldest brother was in town. Let’s just say, it’s going to be really difficult to order takeout or delivery at Angelo’s because it very well could be the best meal I’ve ever had. Everything was cooked to perfection. As soon as we finished our garlic bread, our pizza fries came. As soon as we finished our pizza fries, our pizza showed up. To top off our amazing food experience, we shared a pitcher of Leinienkugel’s Honey Weiss. A+


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