Family Trumps Food

Another food blog is out, folks! This time, I am going to share my experience of my latest food rating, this time, the family is involved.

Just this past weekend, I celebrated my Aunt’s 60th and my Uncle’s 65th birthday parties, and let me tell you it was an unforgettable experience. It was great from the moment I stepped into the rental house at Amherst Junction, Wisconsin. Food and drinks were flowing like wine (always gotta quote a movie, ha ha). Everyone was having a good time, and at the end, it was extremely sad to leave. I didn’t want the weekend to end.

Anyway, I had just about everything you could imagine, food wise, so I won’t get into detail except for my Mother’s famous Red Velvet Cupcakes, because they are so damn delicious. I’ll rate this food experience an A. I’ve had better food at a restaurant, but it was so nice seeing the most important people in my life. FAMILY TRUMPS FOOD! The atmosphere and experience were incredible!


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