Five Guys – LOVE IT!

Anytime I have a chance to get away for the weekend, I love to eat unhealthy.  Not just Saturday, but Sunday as well.

I had the pleasure of dining at Five Guys Burgers and Fries at the Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.  I forget how damn good their burgers are!  Almost always, I get their Cheeseburger (two patties) vs their Little Cheeseburger (one patty).  I pick my toppings, and it is always made fresh to order.  Trust me it is worth the wait.  Then they have these tasty french fries to boot, plus they give you a TON of them!  A regular order is plenty of fries to split with two people.  To cap off my experience, they have this super cool Coca-Cola soda machine.  They gotta have 100 different flavors to choose, from Fanta Zero Grape to Mello Yello Cherry.  It is insane!

An experience has to be off the hook for me to give it an A, so I give this meal a B+.  Just because I know what it takes to get the best score, this experience was not just quite there.  The food and drinks were as good as they could be.  Maybe if a Kate Upton or a Jennifer Aniston would have been dining with me, it could have gotten an A- or higher.  Still, this was a terrific food experience!


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