Keeping it Local – Mitch’s Texas Tacos Review, Wausau, WI

I enjoy eating with my family, I really do, because they share the same passion about food as I do. We make a good effort to exercise and lose a few pounds here and there, but we know we have to give up a little of that food passion if we want to be physically fit. It’s not going to happen. Good food is a part of our lives. It keeps our motor running.

Today I want to share my latest food experience. About a couple of weeks ago, my mom and my brother discovered a local taco truck just about a mile from my mom’s house called “Mitch’s Texas Tacos”. Mitch, the owner of the food truck, is from Texas but has lived in Wisconsin for a while. His passion for making tacos gave him the drive to open up his own taco truck. So my family goes there and are very impressed with the tacos. Great ingredients, fresh meat, and at a very reasonable price!

On Monday, I tried it for the first time. The fam was a little worried that they overhyped them too much. In my opinion, they didn’t hype them enough. A couple of bites into my steak taco, I asked myself, “Why do I continue to go to Taco Bell?” The flavor was amazing. They did not skimp on the quantity of the ingredients. For under $7, I got a chicken soft taco, steak soft taco, a serving of tortilla chips, a cup of salsa, and a soda. I told Mitch that he has a wonderful product and that I will be back.

Wausau residents: you have to try these. You might ask yourself why are you going to Taco Bell?
Mitch’s Texas Tacos is located in the Trig’s Grocery Store Parking lot in Wausau, WI.

I give the experience an A+ for uniqueness, customer service and top-notch atmosphere.

Food Review-Sam’s Pizza, Wausau, Wisconsin

Today I am going to review my latest experience, Sam’s Pizza, a local establishment that’s been around for generations. It is definitely in my top 2 for most delicious pizzas in Wausau.

Almost everytime we order sausage with extra cheese. They cut their pizzas into 1″ x 1″ squares. The crust pieces are a little bigger. Every single slice has a piece of sausage. Sometimes there is a little spice to one of the sausage pieces.

If you’re looking for a cozy local comfortable environment, along with some fresh tasting pizza, go to Sam’s Pizza!  I guarantee you will like it.  This particular experience I give it an A- just because my hunger level was not at 100.

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

Another good Friday to you all! What another gorgeous day of Summer! I wish it was about a month ago, when we were having this weather, but oh well. I hope it continues through Labor Day Weekend!

Even though I am required to work some weekends, I still think of Friday as the last day of the work week. Just something about this day, that brings out a different mood in me.

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on Friday’s. Feel free to comment anytime, and have a great weekend!

Words of Summer Wisdom

Enjoy the Summer, because it isn’t going to last…

which is why I am sitting outside on this gorgeous Tuesday Morning. I go to work in less than 90 minutes, but I had to take my I-Pad and my wireless keyboard so I can enjoy the moment.

Being outside really clears my thoughts too. Most of us don’t have glamorous jobs and don’t enjoy going to them; however, simply being alive to enjoy Summer is all I’m focusing on right now.

I’m done at 5, just a short shift today. Dinner plans are to grab a few subs for the family and eat them outside. I just can’t get enough of this weather!

Next time, you start to think about how your life is not picture perfect, gather your thoughts and get outside to enjoy the moment. Thank you!

Toppers Pizza, Angelo’s Pizza in Wausau

My latest food experience is Topper’s Pizza in Wausau, WI. To be honest, I remember this pizza being a lot tastier. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t have the “wow factor”. We ordered one of their house pizzas, the buffalo chicken. It had mini chicken bites covered in buffalo, with mozzarella cheese, more buffalo sauce, onions and ranch. We also ordered a medium pepperoni pizza; nothing to rave about. Their signature side item is their “Topperstix”, which were pretty damn tasty. We ordered the bacon version and dipped them in garlic butter sauce. Overall, a satisfying belly filler meal. B-

Now to discuss the best tasting pizza in my town, “Angelo’s”. This was our last meal we had together, when my oldest brother was in town. Let’s just say, it’s going to be really difficult to order takeout or delivery at Angelo’s because it very well could be the best meal I’ve ever had. Everything was cooked to perfection. As soon as we finished our garlic bread, our pizza fries came. As soon as we finished our pizza fries, our pizza showed up. To top off our amazing food experience, we shared a pitcher of Leinienkugel’s Honey Weiss. A+

Family Trumps Food

Another food blog is out, folks! This time, I am going to share my experience of my latest food rating, this time, the family is involved.

Just this past weekend, I celebrated my Aunt’s 60th and my Uncle’s 65th birthday parties, and let me tell you it was an unforgettable experience. It was great from the moment I stepped into the rental house at Amherst Junction, Wisconsin. Food and drinks were flowing like wine (always gotta quote a movie, ha ha). Everyone was having a good time, and at the end, it was extremely sad to leave. I didn’t want the weekend to end.

Anyway, I had just about everything you could imagine, food wise, so I won’t get into detail except for my Mother’s famous Red Velvet Cupcakes, because they are so damn delicious. I’ll rate this food experience an A. I’ve had better food at a restaurant, but it was so nice seeing the most important people in my life. FAMILY TRUMPS FOOD! The atmosphere and experience were incredible!