I am switching gears for my blog. Watching last week’s episode of “Food Court Wars” really inspired me to blog about food.  Tyler Florence was in Michigan this past episode, and they introduced a food blogger from Detroit.  She gets about 30,000 hits a week on her blog.  I have such a passion for food, so why not blog about it?  So here we go…

Yesterday my brother Bryan and I came up with a plan to eat at a semi-local mexican grill establishment called, “Burrachos”.  It is one of our favorite resturants in Wausau, Wisconsin.  Bryan has the same passion for food as I do.  It makes our life more enjoyable and exciting.  We hit a speed bump in our plan; I had to work till close due to a miscommunication between myself and my staff. I was determined to go to Burrachos with or without my brother.

When I got done with work, I texted Bryan to find out if he was still going with me to dinner.  He said, “Oh Yes”!  We go there and decide to keep it as healthy as possible.  We keep a semi-strict low calorie diet, where we can splurge once in a while.  One of my favorite entrees there, if staying healthy, is the Burrachos Salad.  It consists of a bed of lettuce, your choice of meat, beans, veggies, salsa, cheese and sour cream.  I usually get shredded beef, sour cream, cheese and hot salsa, but I decided to get chicken last night. Bryan ended up getting the 3 soft taco entree.

What makes Burrachos great is their chips and queso blanco dip.  It is exactly like if you were in a sit-down mexican restaurant.  That is what keeps us coming back to Burrachos.  We ended up purchasing our own cup of queso blanco sauce and splitting a bag of chips.  If you are on a calorie diet, and you want a really tasty meal, Burrachos is the place for you.   A meal like this, can range from 750-950 calories, very reasonable for a place like Burrachos.

I would like to finish this blog by rating my experience.  I am going to base it on a typical grading scale.  Last night’s meal I would have to give a B.  I grade a meal based on the food itself, food preparation, mood, the atmosphere and the consistency of the restaurant. Getting done from a 12 hour day makes a difference in going to a restaurant from having a day off.  There could have been more toppings on the salad too, but they were ready to close in a half-hour, so they might have a procedure for closing the day.  Plus they only had 2 people working, so it took a little bit longer to pay the bill.  Burrachos is very consistent on the flavor of the food, which was fantastic, so that gets it a better grade A B is a pretty darn good score despite the non-food factors.


Friday – Pay Day


Friday - Pay Day

Good Friday to you. Hopefully it is a pay day for you. Cha ching!!

Only one more day to go. Then the weekend starts. It’s going to be a cold July Weekend in my neck of the woods, but hey, it’s Summer. Make the best of it! Until next time!

Don’t Stop!

Don’t Stop!

Whatever your dream is, keep busting your butt, and someday you will achieve your goal.

Picture yourself as an established business. You built your client list. Social media is booming. Customer satisfaction is at its peak. Ask yourself…

Is there room for improvement?

ALWAYS! Whatever your job may be, there is room for improvement. There are always opportunities to add more clients. The place I work at now, has been in business since 1969, yet when I am helping customers with their payment and delivery setup, it is their first time buying something.

Keep building relationships, even if your established and profitable. The growth is infinite, no matter the economy.

Freaky Friday


Freaky Friday

The Weekly Friday Blog is out!

“Freaky Friday” with Lindsay Lohan (when she was a young innocent aspiring actress) and Jamie Lee Curtis – remember that movie? Just in case you don’t, the main theme of the movie, is a mother and daughter end up switching bodies and personalities while eating a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant.

If you had the opportunity to switch bodies and personalities with one person, who would it be? You tell me which person you’d switch with, and I’ll tell you my person later in the day.

Hang in there peeps, the week is almost over! I took a promotion at my current job, which allows me more weekends off, so I am excited even more that it is Friday!

Keep Chasing Your Dream

Social media is fascinating, plain and simple.  I have built a pretty good Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn following for the little time I spend on the site.  I’m pretty excited about that, because I can imagine what I could accomplish if I spent more time using social media.

Face it, we have to bring home the bacon.  I am a single dude living one Summer day at a time.  I enjoy eating at various restaurants, social drinking and golfing, which means less time gets devoted to my long term goal of working-from-home using social media platforms, helping businesses establish their social media presence.  I have one social media job under my belt.  It’s going to take time to reach my goal, but my advice to anyone in my situation is to not give up.  Work your butt off when you have the time, and give it your 100% effort.

Introduction to Friday Posts


Today is the start of my Friday Blogging Session.  I’ll post a picture or video of something related to Friday, and the text will consist of humor, something clever and/or informative.  The title of my blog will be called, “At Least It’s Friday, Right?”

Here we go…


This is for those who have a 9-5 type of job Monday-Friday with weekends off:  What is our excuse for staying up so late on Thursday Night?  When we go to bed normally at 10 pm, why is it that we go to bed at 11:30 pm on Thursday?  Answer:  the next day is Friday.

Join Me On My Journey to Social Media Management!


Join Me On Facebook!

As I mentioned in a blog from yesterday, I am making my way back into the social media game.  I have one client under my belt so far in my journey.  Thank you to everyone who has liked a blog of mine and/or started following my blog.  I would appreciate if you would like my Facebook page.  Join me on my journey to becoming a Social Media Manager!  I keep a fresh, entertaining timeline on a regular basis.  I will ask you to follow my Twitter Page and connect with my LinkedIn Page in the near future too.  Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!