Is It Necessary?

Today, I am going to discuss having a social media account for every platform. Is it really necessary? Well my friends, it depends on what you are trying to sell. If it’s unclear, for sure get on Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, those are the elite social media platforms you want to create an account right away.

Now if you are selling product that requires a lot of visual detail, Pinterest and YouTube need to be in your social media strategy along with Facebook and Twitter. What’s great about Pinterest is although pictures and videos are a huge factor, you can also post text too. YouTube is very essential for video content, once you develop an effective marketing strategy.

If you are an up and comer corporation, who wants a professional look, get on LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as “your professional résumé”. Create your profile, find others in your field and connect with them. Be sociable!

Whether you have an account for every social media platform or not, it won’t hurt you. If you decide to focus on a couple of social media platforms, familiarize yourself with them and really push to promote your product. Once established, then think about getting your product on other social media networks. It’s better to concentrate on a couple things, then to attack several categories. It just gets too overwhelming. I’ve done it. It’s our human extinct.

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