Ya Hi!

Ya Hi!

If you have seen the movie, “Office Space”, continue reading. If you haven’t seen it, watch the 1st 15 minutes, and come back to this blog. I have to rank it as one of my 10 most favorite movies of all time. Remember Peter Gibbons’ many bosses, including Bill Lumbergh? If Peter would make a mistake, eight different people would talk to him about it. Sounds like a case of the Mondays! “Accounts Payable Nina speaking. Just a moment.”

Whether we work weekends or not, I’m sure most of us have experienced a different mood on Mondays. It’s just something about Monday, that brings our bad side out. You could have the most positive attitude ever, and you would have a case of the Mondays. Just that anticipation of coming back to work after a weekend gets the best of us.

If you experience a “case of the Mondays”, please share your thoughts, or even share this article throughout the social media networks. “Ya hi, it’s Bill Lumbergh. I’m gunna need you to come in on Sunday. We had to let some people go, and we gotta play catchup. Thanks!”

Redemption is a Perfectionist’s Best Friend

We as perfectionists absolutely hate it when we don’t live up to expectations. I worked from 4-8 last night. In a span of 2 hours, I had three sale opportunities, but I missed out on two of them because I had a guaranteed sale and completely neglected the others. Payroll is the easiest way to save money for your company, and sometimes we are short-handed. We must assist multiple customers at a time, in order to succeed in the workforce. Even in a struggling economy, the business is there, and you have to be ready for it.
I am just awaiting the next opportunity, so I can prove to everyone that I have learned from the past. Redemption is a perfectionist’s best friend. Have a great weekend!

Be Yourself and Don’t Lie

To succeed in any business, especially in the social media industry, you need to be upfront with your clients and customers. No need to hide any information. Why? These clients/customers are your future! They are the reason why we are able to pay bills, put food on the table, etc. Lying might solve the problem right away, but if you’re caught, good luck keeping that client!

Social media is extremely viral. Once you post something, millions of individuals see it immediately. So when a customer has a complaint about your company, it is seen by millions instantly. That is why many businesses hire freelancer social media managers and pay them on a regular basis. Think of a social media manager as a customer service representative, but instead of a phone call in order to solve a problem, it’s a Facebook post or tweet.

It takes several months to gain a customer but only takes seconds to lose one! Be upfront with your customers. You’re likely to keep their trust when you tell them the truth. Most importantly, be yourself. When dealing with customers, don’t turn into a salesman. Your personality got you where you are!

Is It Necessary?

Today, I am going to discuss having a social media account for every platform. Is it really necessary? Well my friends, it depends on what you are trying to sell. If it’s unclear, for sure get on Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, those are the elite social media platforms you want to create an account right away.

Now if you are selling product that requires a lot of visual detail, Pinterest and YouTube need to be in your social media strategy along with Facebook and Twitter. What’s great about Pinterest is although pictures and videos are a huge factor, you can also post text too. YouTube is very essential for video content, once you develop an effective marketing strategy.

If you are an up and comer corporation, who wants a professional look, get on LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as “your professional résumé”. Create your profile, find others in your field and connect with them. Be sociable!

Whether you have an account for every social media platform or not, it won’t hurt you. If you decide to focus on a couple of social media platforms, familiarize yourself with them and really push to promote your product. Once established, then think about getting your product on other social media networks. It’s better to concentrate on a couple things, then to attack several categories. It just gets too overwhelming. I’ve done it. It’s our human extinct.

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Take care,

Social Media – So Easy a Caveman Can Do It, Right?

“Geico so easy, a caveman can do it” is in the past.  I used to enjoy those commercials, but Geico cannot use that slogan forever.  Advertising is not that simple.  It needs to fresh and to keep up with the current trends.

Is Social Media Marketing so easy a caveman can do it?  A couple of months ago, I began my quest on becoming a social media manager through a website called paidsocialmediajobs.com.  I went through all the training, as well as setting up profiles on all the major social media networks.  I’m going to be making money instantly, right?

Just like learning any other job, IT TAKES TIME.  Paid Social Media Jobs even tells you that, which is great.  There is a lot to learn about social media, and setting up profiles, as well as being active on them, is just the beginning.  Experience is what will get you to the next level.  Right now, social media is a part time job, and in the future, I hope to turn it into full-time.  I still have bills, food costs, fuel costs, cell phone bill, etc.  My advice, if you are in the same boat as me, is to keep gaining experience.  Socialize with other users on social media.  Post and share at least 10 things a day.  Last tip, set up good, full profiles on job market sites in order to get your name out there.

If you know anyone who is an aspiring social media manager like myself, please share this blog with them, and inform them this business takes time.  It does not happen overnight!

Thanks everybody!  Have a great weekend!

Matt Kring