They Don’t Teach You the Real World Part III

OK, we are on board for a third chapter of “They Don’t Teach You the Real World”.

I successfully sold a TV Stand to a customer. The good stuff happens after the sale. We have a warehouse crew that does most of the customer pickups. We are trained to call the warehouse for anytime we need something transported to a vehicle. In this incident, it evidently was a HUGE mistake by me. Sure a TV Stand is a lighter item, but my boss called me out on it saying, “It’s not that big a deal, Matt!” in front of the customer! So I am a emotional wreck now, having to transport this TV Stand to the customer’s vehicle, while my boss is assisting me! Very akward indeed.

It caught me off-guard on the unprofessionalism that my boss portrays. I am being spoken to like I am her own kid. I expect something like this from a minimum wage 17 year old part-time employee, not from the leader of your store. Just another reason why I am working my way towards a career in social media. It’s time to be my own boss.


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