They Don’t Teach You the Real World, Part II

Here is Part II of “They Don’t Teach You the Real World”. I promise it’s better than “The Hangover Part II”.

Hours after the mattress training, my boss inquiries me as to why I wasn’t assisting the customers during the mattress training period, because she noticed there were a couple employees missing from the training due to helping customers. I was caught off-guard, so I was honest. I am not fully trained on furniture. My boss didn’t care what I had to say and gave some responses that I was completely shocked by. She fully expects me to be an expert, although I had no training. Because I worked at Ashley Furniture for two months, I should be an expert in England, Franklin, Homestretch, Flexsteel, Catnapper, etc. That’s the real world folks.

So stories like this is what motivates me to look for a new vocation. I find social media very intriguing, which is why I decided to pursue a career. Advice for anyone who does not like their job, working from home isn’t as easy as 123. Just like any other job, you have to prove yourself to others why you are the right candidate. No employer hires anyone without qualifications. Any job application takes a lot of work, and if you are willing to put in the effort, it will pay off.

We learned that the real world will eat you alive, if you are not ready for it. The real world expects perfection. Getting 90% of your answers correct on a test is great in school. Doing your job correct 90% of the time, and you better be ready to answer some questions, because you are doing a poor job. Ask yourself, “What is going to make you happy?”


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