Social Media Ten Years Ago and Now

     We are going back in time to exactly 10 years ago, May 20th, 2003.  We are going to discuss the social media platforms of 2003 and the present date.  What was your life like in the year 2003?  I was wrapping up my freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County.  Summer was about to begin, and I was ready to make some green.

     In 2003, e-mailing was more popular than ever.  If I didn’t want to call someone about a topic, I’d send them an e-mail.  We call that “emotionally lazy.”  Instead of calling and wishing someone a happy birthday, you would send them a birthday card and/or e-mail.  As far as advertising through social media, it was e-mailing!  You still have your cold-calling and US Mail marketing too. Hardly anyone ever heard of Facebook in 2003.  Text-messaging was still unknown.  I didn’t have a traditional cell phone.  I had a pay as you go minutes phone called a Tracfone.

     As of May 20, 2003, there are an abundant amount of platforms that you can get your message across. Cold-calling and snail-mail marketing are becoming more obsolete by the day.  Just this blog alone will be shared on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.  Plus it’s so easy to do.  If there is not an area on a blog that you can click on a button called “share”, then it won’t reach its potential visibility.  Just one blog post can be seen by millions of individuals within a short period of time just with the “share” button.

     Social media continues to grow, and it is the most effective way of advertising to this date.  Are you ready for it?


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