Social Media Content and Relevancy

If you want jump start your social media career, you need content and relevancy.  For every 10 posts, make 8 informative/entertaining and the other 2 self-promotional.  Keep a well-balanced mix.  Think of it as dieting.  Five days a week, you make it a goal to record under your daily caloric budget.  The other two days, allow yourself to cheat.  Don’t have the reputation of a salesman.  Let’s say you have a Facebook page, and you are an aspiring social media manager.  If your posts primarily consist of promoting your services and guaranteeing you 50 likes in one month, like this page and get a chance to win $50, etc., you rub off on other individuals as a “salesman.”  Think of it as going into a retail store and seeing 6 salesman in a circle chatting.  Uncomfortable, right?

About relevancy…

You got the content part down.  Now it’s time to get relevant.  You are still an aspiring social media manager.  You have your social media accounts created and active.  What you need to is post content about social media such as informative tips, facts, etc.  Users searching for social media are not interested in seeing pictures of your pets.  They’re not interested that you just took a shower and that you smell fresh and clean.  Post information related to your field, and you got yourself on the right track.


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