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Good Morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend.  If you are needing anyone to manage your social media accounts, check out my latest offers on Task Army.  I have a Facebook offer as well as a Twitter one.  Have a good day!

They Don’t Teach You the Real World Part III

OK, we are on board for a third chapter of “They Don’t Teach You the Real World”.

I successfully sold a TV Stand to a customer. The good stuff happens after the sale. We have a warehouse crew that does most of the customer pickups. We are trained to call the warehouse for anytime we need something transported to a vehicle. In this incident, it evidently was a HUGE mistake by me. Sure a TV Stand is a lighter item, but my boss called me out on it saying, “It’s not that big a deal, Matt!” in front of the customer! So I am a emotional wreck now, having to transport this TV Stand to the customer’s vehicle, while my boss is assisting me! Very akward indeed.

It caught me off-guard on the unprofessionalism that my boss portrays. I am being spoken to like I am her own kid. I expect something like this from a minimum wage 17 year old part-time employee, not from the leader of your store. Just another reason why I am working my way towards a career in social media. It’s time to be my own boss.

They Don’t Teach You the Real World, Part II

Here is Part II of “They Don’t Teach You the Real World”. I promise it’s better than “The Hangover Part II”.

Hours after the mattress training, my boss inquiries me as to why I wasn’t assisting the customers during the mattress training period, because she noticed there were a couple employees missing from the training due to helping customers. I was caught off-guard, so I was honest. I am not fully trained on furniture. My boss didn’t care what I had to say and gave some responses that I was completely shocked by. She fully expects me to be an expert, although I had no training. Because I worked at Ashley Furniture for two months, I should be an expert in England, Franklin, Homestretch, Flexsteel, Catnapper, etc. That’s the real world folks.

So stories like this is what motivates me to look for a new vocation. I find social media very intriguing, which is why I decided to pursue a career. Advice for anyone who does not like their job, working from home isn’t as easy as 123. Just like any other job, you have to prove yourself to others why you are the right candidate. No employer hires anyone without qualifications. Any job application takes a lot of work, and if you are willing to put in the effort, it will pay off.

We learned that the real world will eat you alive, if you are not ready for it. The real world expects perfection. Getting 90% of your answers correct on a test is great in school. Doing your job correct 90% of the time, and you better be ready to answer some questions, because you are doing a poor job. Ask yourself, “What is going to make you happy?”

They Don’t Teach You the Real World

For those of you who haven’t experienced the workforce, I have two interesting articles that you should read. Before you read these blogs, one thing you should know about me is I am a perfectionist. No one in my family has this strive for perfection like I do, and I feel it is more a positive trait than a negative.

For four months I have been working at a company that specializes in furniture, appliances and electronics. I worked at our sister Ashley Furniture Store for two months, selling Ashley product. I am currently working in the electronics department for two months. Yesterday, our furniture department had a mattress training session. Shortly after it began, I was told very kindly by my office manager to help out in furniture and mattresses, during the training session. I obviously agreed and did my best. I was never given any training on our brands of furniture and mattresses, so more than likely I would be bothering a furniture salesman, taking them away from their mattress training. I have two months experience selling Ashley Furniture, that’s all.

Stay tuned for Part II of the exciting conclusion of, “They Don’t Teach You the Real World”.

Social Media Ten Years Ago and Now


     We are going back in time to exactly 10 years ago, May 20th, 2003.  We are going to discuss the social media platforms of 2003 and the present date.  What was your life like in the year 2003?  I was wrapping up my freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County.  Summer was about to begin, and I was ready to make some green.

     In 2003, e-mailing was more popular than ever.  If I didn’t want to call someone about a topic, I’d send them an e-mail.  We call that “emotionally lazy.”  Instead of calling and wishing someone a happy birthday, you would send them a birthday card and/or e-mail.  As far as advertising through social media, it was e-mailing!  You still have your cold-calling and US Mail marketing too. Hardly anyone ever heard of Facebook in 2003.  Text-messaging was still unknown.  I didn’t have a traditional cell phone.  I had a pay as you go minutes phone called a Tracfone.

     As of May 20, 2003, there are an abundant amount of platforms that you can get your message across. Cold-calling and snail-mail marketing are becoming more obsolete by the day.  Just this blog alone will be shared on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.  Plus it’s so easy to do.  If there is not an area on a blog that you can click on a button called “share”, then it won’t reach its potential visibility.  Just one blog post can be seen by millions of individuals within a short period of time just with the “share” button.

     Social media continues to grow, and it is the most effective way of advertising to this date.  Are you ready for it?

Social Media Content and Relevancy

If you want jump start your social media career, you need content and relevancy.  For every 10 posts, make 8 informative/entertaining and the other 2 self-promotional.  Keep a well-balanced mix.  Think of it as dieting.  Five days a week, you make it a goal to record under your daily caloric budget.  The other two days, allow yourself to cheat.  Don’t have the reputation of a salesman.  Let’s say you have a Facebook page, and you are an aspiring social media manager.  If your posts primarily consist of promoting your services and guaranteeing you 50 likes in one month, like this page and get a chance to win $50, etc., you rub off on other individuals as a “salesman.”  Think of it as going into a retail store and seeing 6 salesman in a circle chatting.  Uncomfortable, right?

About relevancy…

You got the content part down.  Now it’s time to get relevant.  You are still an aspiring social media manager.  You have your social media accounts created and active.  What you need to is post content about social media such as informative tips, facts, etc.  Users searching for social media are not interested in seeing pictures of your pets.  They’re not interested that you just took a shower and that you smell fresh and clean.  Post information related to your field, and you got yourself on the right track.

Social Media Proposal

Cutting Edge Social Media Services

Provided by

Matt Kring

Dear Employer,

My name is Matt Kring. I provide online marketing assistance to businesses trying to generate new customers from online sources.

As I am sure you know, the face of advertising has changed dramatically over the past ten years, and the world of digital media is fast outpacing other forms of marketing. To that end, I have created a unique, cutting edge marketing plan that takes advantage of online platforms to promote business, products and services with unprecedented success.

Social media has become the most powerful advertising medium according to many respected sources, and it’s not just about brand promotion and reputation management anymore. Companies using social media are seeing increased return-on-investment  that is increasing annually. 

Fact: Social Media Campaigns = Higher Revenues.

A recent study done by Gartner, an online research firm, supported a measurable link between social media marketing efforts and revenue growth – with revenue from social media marketing estimated to reach $14.9 billion by the end of 2012. By the year 2015, projected growth from social media marketing is estimated to be around $29.1 billion!

Fact: Social Media Campaigns Drive Traffic

In another recent study that compiled results from Chicago based businesses, Northwestern professor Rich Gordon and Syndio Social CEO Zachary Johnson found that popular social media services like Facebook and Twitter sent small-business websites more than 50% of all the traffic they received.

Fact: Word Of Mouth Advertising Has Gone Social

This year’s BuyerSphere report revealed that “87 percent of buyers go out and look for advice before choosing.” More then 50% of these buyers seek such advice from their social media contacts!

Businesses customer base and sales can grow by leaps and bounds when they increase social media interaction. A sample monthly social media marketing package from me includes full service social SEO, with the goal of increasing awareness of your brand in the key places online – the places where your customers hang out before deciding whether to choose you, or your competitor!

Deciding where to spend your ad budget can be a difficult choice. This new data from top market researchers shows that social media is effective – but did you know it is also inexpensive?

Social media campaigns are much less costly than direct mail, television ads, online “pay per click” schemes and other traditional forms of advertising. Even if you don’t divert all of your ad budget to online marketing, even a small investment can pay off in ways you never imagined!

Basic Service Packages:

I can handle as little or as much of your social media campaign as fits your needs. This can range from simple Facebook campaign planning and execution to full-service social media management spanning all possible social platforms and even business blog management.

I offer tailored packages and do social media account set-up and customization on request. 

●    Facebook Setup, Vanity URL, 50 Likes and 50 Posts in One Month

●    Twitter Setup, 50 Followers and 50 Tweets in One Month

●    Pinterest Setup, 5 boards and 50 Pins in One Month

●    WordPress Blog Setup, 8 Posts and 30 Social Media Links in One Month

●    Google + Setup, 4 Circles, 50 Followers and 50 Posts in One Month

●    YouTube Setup, Post up to 10 Videos, 30 Subscribers in One Month

You can choose a one-off package with a one-time fee, or sign up for a monthly package that gives you an ongoing discount. The customized packages are almost as inexpensive as the pre-fab deals, so if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, call me and I will work out a premium service that meets your needs and fits your budget!

I base my monthly social media management packages off of a set number of “actions” each month across one or more platforms. An “action” can be posting a new post or interacting with other people on the platform.

For example, the first package below might consist of actions completed on the Facebook, Twitter and Google + platforms – including 50 actions on each. Actions could be posting a new status update on Facebook, Liking a related Page, composing a Tweet, Retweeting another user’s Tweet, sharing a photo on Google +, or adding a relevant user to Circles.

Actions have far reaching benefits – when I add relevant users to Circles on Google +, for example, they can follow back, increasing your reach. When I post on Facebook, the fan base can like, comment and share the post. When I create a Tweet or Retweet another user, others can share that content forward as well. These additional benefits are natural and don’t count towards the total number of actions!

Monthly packages can be purchased month to month as well.

●    150 Actions – Up to 3 Platforms

●    300 Actions – Up to 5 Platforms

●    500 Actions – Up to 7 Platforms

Platforms include:

●    Facebook

●    Twitter

●    LinkedIn

●    Google+

●    YouTube

●    Pinterest

…and more!

Remember, you can also ask for customized packages that include blogging and blog promotion in addition to social networking and marketing.

The best part? Once social networks are set up and running, they often continue to grow naturally and organically with the same amount of effort. Many of my clients see exponentially greater results month after month, without paying increased fees for service!

Don’t let another month go by without connecting with your target demographic. Call me or e-mail me today and find out what a well managed, budget friendly social media campaign could do for your business!  I’ll take your call or e-mail personally and ensure you get the best deal possible on the best social media services in town.  I am looking forward to doing business with you.


Matt Kring