Social Media – Why it’s a Must for Businesses

     Today I am going to discuss the importance of social media and why every business needs to fit it in their advertising budget.  Let’s go back in time, years ago, when sending out mailers was the most effective advertising strategy.  You saw that catchy slogan on a letter, and you never forgot it.  Most importantly, you remembered the company who sent it.  Even a shorter time ago, e-mail marketing was the most effective advertising strategy.  Imagine saving a ton of money by using electronic mail, rather than regular mail, at a fraction of the cost, time and money wise!

     Well, that was then, Social Media is now.  It is more popular than it has ever been.  Just a decade ago, a couple of Harvard students got the ball rolling on the popularity of social media, a little project called Facebook.  For most individuals, that is where they go, BEFORE they check their e-mail.  Imagine that?  I joined Facebook, when it was sort of new, when they only had a couple million members.  Now it’s over a billion; how crazy is that?  If you want people to know who you are in a quick and timely fashion, Facebook is a great start for that.  The goal for a business to get as many “Likes” as possible to make it more creditable and appealing.  

     Then there is Twitter, the next big wave of the social media.  This is another great site to boost your business but in 140 characters or less.  Twitter is a great site for the customers to share their opinions about a particular business as well as for a business to monitor what is being said about them.

     If you want people to know who you are in a more professional matter, Linkedin is the social media site for that.  It is exactly an online resume as well as an online business card.  You can search for others in the same field or industry and connect with them.  This site is great  if you want to create B2B connections in a professional looking way.

     A newer to the market social media site is Pinterest.  This purpose of having a pinterest account is for brand recognition.  You can post “pins” (images) to a board and follow other users to like, comment on or “Repin” their pins.  Repin means taking a particular image from someone else’s board and posting it on yours.

     Another social media platform that is great for the visual person is Google+ and You Tube. Google owns You Tube, so they are linked together.  Businesses should have a Google Profile and YouTube account in order to share information to select groups of people, and tap into the power of visual digital media. Studies show that internet users respond faster to images and videos than to text based content.

     One last thought for this blog, don’t fear social media.  All the material in this blog is probably overwhelming and are wondering how you are going to find time to create and monitor your social media accounts.  I am here to help.  I am an avid social media user.  In just a short period of time, I can get your social media accounts active, and I will manage them for you.  Costs would be much less expensive if you were to send out mailers or hire an employee to manage the social media accounts.  You don’t have to offer me insurance or 401K either because I am not an employee of your company.  Business owners have a lot of food on their plate as is.  Leave the social media part of it to me.  Communication and customer service is the formula to my success, and I will make sure all of the social media accounts are up to your standards!